General Hunt Information

The simulcast of Microsoft Puzzlehunt Number 14 will run alongside the Seattle version:
10:00 AM on Saturday, September 10 to 5:00 PM on Sunday, September 11.

We will send email to registered teams with the following information:

If you don't get this email by 9:00am on Saturday, contact us! The website is where you will receive puzzles, enter solutions, and generally play the hunt. It should be self-explanatory for the most part. If you find things confusing or broken, check the list of known bugs and problems, and then contact us.

You will know the hunt has begun when you can access the site, log in, and get puzzles. If you can't manage that by 10:15am or so, talk to us.

Hints, Help and Confirmation

During the hunt, mail this address for help:

If you want a hint, you must say so. (Use phrasing like "We need a hint", and clearly identify which puzzle you need help with.) If we do give you a hint, it will be recorded. Otherwise, feel free to send requests for data confirmation, or make general hunt inquiries; these won't count as hints.

If all else fails, you can call the following numbers:

Please DO NOT CALL US unless things are seriously broken. (But if they are, please do call!)

Things You Need

Hopefully by now you've got everything...

Final Notes

Remember, teams are limited to 12 solvers. While you can use all the Internet resources you like, you may not "phone a friend" (unless the friend is one of the 12).

If you get a message telling you to go somewhere, check with us first. (Especially if the somewhere is in Seattle!)

Good luck and have fun!

(There are no clues on this page.)